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About Us

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Friday, 08 April 2016 00:00

Pharmacy - Our pharmacy department stocks a wide variety of drugs for most ailments and conditions at the best prices possible. In  good relationship with our suppliers, this makes delivery of drugs to Memon Medical Centre be made fast and efficient depending on our clients' requirements, . Patients benefit from buying genuine drugs at the best prices in town, receiving them from our competent staff gives them confident and faith in quick recovery and good health, our receipts and Hospital System produces  itemized receipts for every patient, 

Dental unit – Our dental department boasts of two highly experienced dentists available at full time. We perform dental procedures at very reasonable rates, you may book an appointment with any of our Dentists, depending on your preference , we have a female dentist and a male Dentist, please call us now to book your appointment on 

Laboratory – We carry out an extensive array of lab tests with the latest machines for the most accurate computerized test results this has increased our efficiency to reduce patients' waiting time for test results.

Nursing unit – A triage unit has been installed for patients' vital signs to be measured and recorded by a professional nurse. The vital signs such as blood pressure and heartbeat are used to give the doctors more information regarding the sick person and enable better treatment to be offered. A nurse is on the ground to attend to the patients when they come in and as they wait to be seen by the doctors.

Radiology unit – X-Rays and Ultrasound scans are carried out by an experienced radiographer using modern machines to give you the finest image of your inner body parts. To top it all, the rates for these procedures are the lowest possible in town.

The MMC slogan, 'We Care, God Cures' speaks for itself.

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General Information

Hours of Operation

Monday to Saturday
8 am to 8 pm

9 am to 1 pm

Located conveniently in the centre of town (Marembo) on Maalim Juma Road next to Memon Villa Masjid.

For more information, please call:
0727 872 979
0735 872 979

In Pictures

  • We Care, God Cures
  • We Care, God Cures
  • We Care, God Cures
  • We Care, God Cures
  • We Care, God Cures
  • We Care, God Cures